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foreign teacher

哈尔滨市南岗区艾德英语培训学校 (哈尔滨)

职位描述: We are currently recruiting foreign teachers with extensive teaching experiences (preferably more than 2 years) and a bachelor degree or above...
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Foreign teacher外教

沈阳奥凯孚教育信息咨询有限公司 (沈阳)

职位描述: 1、Full time or part time teacher. 2、Native English speaker,Amirican,British or Canadian preferred. 3、Has rich experience in teaching english,enjoy...
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外教 Foreign Teacher

沈阳市铁西区鼎燊英语教育培训中心 (沈阳)

职位描述: 1、Full time or part time teacher for 3-12 years old children. 2、Bachelor degree or above. 2、Native English speaker, American, British or Canadian...
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英语外教 Foreign teacher

大连达乐教育咨询有限公司 (大连)

职位描述: Position tab: Foreign English Teacher Job description: 1.Accomplish teaching responsibilities under school’s instruction. 2.Assist school in fulfilling...
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English/IELTS Foreign Teacher

合肥财经职业学院 (合肥)

职位描述: we need several part-time foreign teachers. it will be appreciated if you ? are a native English speaker without noticeable accent. ? have a wealth of...
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Foreign teacher

绵阳市涪城区阿斯顿英语培训学校 (绵阳)

职位描述: Job Title: English Teacher; 1. Give lessons to students (5 to 12 mainly) ; 2. Give demos to new students and do marketing activities; 3. Class sizes:10...
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外教老师 (Foreign teacher)

大连七色瑾教育咨询有限公司 (大连)

职位描述: 1 Native speker 2 have tofel perfered 3 have the teaching experience at least one year 4 have the ability to teach young kids 5 active and patient 职能类别:...
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外教(Foreign teacher

芝加哥国际英语 (沈阳)

职位描述: 工作地点:芝加哥国际英语学校-美稚地美国儿童教育体验中心(专兼职) 本科以上学历,发音纯正,至少一年中国实际教学经验。 电话:024-23836366 职能类别: 幼教 举报 分享...
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Foreign teacher of international school (北京)

To open this companys Application Page, first enter your full name & email address into the fields (This contact information will be displayed to the company...
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外教老师Foreign Teacher

大连伊禾教育咨询有限公司 (大连)

职位描述: 1. Native speakers of English, American or British preferred. 2. Bachelor degree or above. 3. Strong English skills, fluent English spoken, correct pronun...
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Foreign Teacher
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